Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Basics of HTML

Chapter 2 - CGI Mechanisms

Chapter 3 - Perl Language

Chapter 4 - Exercises

Chapter 5 - Application Exercises (Counter)

Operation Guide (Please read on first visit)

How to use the Report-System
In this coursework, you have to make a homepage in your own directory on the server for exercises ( using  CGI as in Chapter 4 or later, and submit it as a report for the examination.
The above link [Report-System] is provided for this. When you click on this link,  you will be taken to the report system login page.
Information describing how to use this report-system is provided in Chapter 4.
How to use
You will use a file called in the exercises in Chapter 4 or later. is a library including functions used to create CGI using the Perl language. To use it, the commands below are inserted into the beginning of a CGI program.

  use lib '/home/httpd/cgi-bin'; -----(1)
  require ''; ---------------(2)

(1) indicates which directory the library to be used is in.
The /home/httpd/cgi-bin directory is specified in (1). This means that the library is in the directory where CGI programs are stored on the Web server.
This directory depends on the server environment. On the server for exercises, please specify as described in (1).
In (2), libraries to be used are specified in the directory specified in (1). Please specify including the library necessary to use CGI.
Japanese text is not displayed correctly.
When CGI receives the characters entered in a browser and processes them, it does not work correctly if Japanese characters are entered (garbled characters, etc.) although it works correctly if alphabet characters are entered. Follow the above link for more information.