CGI Tutorial (Application)

What's New

  CAI tests for the CGI Tutorial (Application) are carried out on a tutorial server by developing your own programs.

Explanation of the Course

  Here, development of a web application using the programming language PHP is explained as an application section of the CGI Tutorial.
  In the CGI Tutorial, Perl was used as a programming language. The PHP language used here is the same as Perl. Since the program can be described in HTML, a web application can be easily developed.

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Table of Contents

HTTP Protocol PHP Programming Creating Net-shop Solving Problems (a total of 8 questions)
Basics of HTTP Protocol Introduction to PHP (Simple Program) Net-shop: Process Flow   Preparation: How to Create PHP Pages
  Control Structures   Problem 1-1:Control Structures: Looping
Problem 1-2:Control Structures: Condition Branching
  Built-in Functions    
Passing Parameters (How to pass)      
Passing Parameters (Contents to be passed) Passing Parameters   Problem 2:Passing Parameters
Problem 3:Built-in Functions
Problem 4:Set a Link to a PHP Program
  File Processing Introducing Products Problem 5:File Processing
    Entering Recepient's Address Problem 6-1:Passing Values Between Pages (1)
Problem 6-2:Passing Values Between Pages (2)
    Checking Recepient's Address  
    Sending Mail