IT Technological Seminar(Masters)(PICNIC)

<Information Technology Major・CAI Requirement> Production of the Home Security Controller

■Table of Contents(Masters Degree)
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0. Outline
1. About PICNIC
2. Assembling PICNIC Kit
3. Confirming PICNIC Operation
5. Producing Peripheral Enhancement Option Kit
4. Updating PICNIC Firm Ware
6. Programming Tips

■Questions for Required Submission(Masters)


■Report submission system (Masters)
■Indication of the Progress Report for CAI(Masters)

■Purchasing the PICNIC Kit(→Akizuki Denshi)
■Purchasing the Peripheral Enhancement Option(→GrassPoint Shop)

■Questions・Discussion Board(XOOPS Forum)

■Reference Exercises (Masters)


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IT Technology Seminar(Masters) : items

Prerequisit:Skills and knowledge of Micro-computer and Micro-computer Seminar(Making Circuits)are recommended.

Contact: Katsumi Wasaki (wasaki@cs.shinshu-u.ac.jp

Questions・Discussion Board
CAI Progress Report(Masters)

PICNIC Kit and peripheral enhancement option kit used for practice

It is jumped to a purchase page!

【Sold at:Akizuki Denshi】 ※Please purchase one directly from the store.
PICNIC Kit ver.2(Order Number:K-102)+LCD Panel(Order Number:P-40)+AC Adaptor (Order Number:M-31)

Price: 8,700 Yen (Shipping fee not included)

It is jumped to a purchase page!

【Item Number:PIC0002】 ※This is sold at GrassPoint Shop

Peripheral Expansion Option kit for PICNIC IT Technology Exercise

Price: 8,000 Points(Shipping fee not included)

※ Because this comes with an Electric buzzer for movement check, a security Switch, a Zero Pressure Socket, and a PIC Microcomputer, the price is higher than originally expected.

※Other than the above, you will need a computer to confirm the operation, network environment, PIC Writer for renewing the firmware(Lent out or included in the PIC microcomputer exercise kit), and tools for putting them together such as a pair of nippers.

【Important】Regarding a Series of malfunctions with PIC Programming (How to Avoid)Added on April 29, 2004
We found out the reasons why a series of malfunctions were occurring with PIC programming for the IT technology exercise. Here are the tips for avoiding these problems. Please confirm the type of your PIC microcomputer before starting the exercise. We recommend you do your exercise in the order of Chapters 3, 5, and then 4.


IT Technology Seminar(Masters) : what's new?

2004. 3. 25
Lecture exercise materials have been divided between IT Graduate School and IT department transfers.

Exercises for required submission and reference application differ between the two.→For IT department transfers「IT Techonology Exercise(department)」

2003. 9. 21
Exercise4: "Acquiring the control page with CSV data form and uploading to the FTP server"is indicated

Exercise4:Acquiring the control page with CSV data form and uploading to the FTP server" is indicated For exercises, submission of assembly source files and file upload to the FTP server of the created CVS data file are needed→Click here to find out how to submit your report,

2003. 9. 19
Exercise1~3:Combining the door security systems

Exercise1: Implementing Counters for doors and indication function
Exercise2: Implementing Timers for the duration of door opening and security alarm function
Exercise3:Submitting report for merging functions for the door security system functions
※For all of the exercises, submission of the assembly source files are required. →Click here to submit your report

2003. 9. 15
Tutorial (Exercise0)

This is a tutorial for learning the module structure and calling methods using a simple example exercise (dummy module that returns without any function and the security alarm switch for when you are not at home before starting exercise 1 to 3. This tutorial includes 8 example exercises for experiment, 1 to 8 and experiment exercises. Experiment 8 includes exercise 0 and assembly file submission is required. →Click here to view tutorial for exercise 0

2003. 9. 11
Tips for PICNIC Programming

This page is a collection of techniques on how to operate a PICNIC firmware for practice exercises. Related manuals and data sheet、explanations on distributed firmware,、and questions and answers from students who have already started programming are included. Currently, there are 16 topics. Please read this before starting the exercise.→To tips on programming

2003. 5. 31
Peripheral Expansion Option kit for PICNIC is now sold in stores

You will need a peripheral option kit for 2 kinds of attachment input/output (includes photo Isolator) and analog input. These are sold at the Grass Point Shop. These are more expensive than expected because they also include electric boozer for movement check, crime prevention switch, zero pressure socket, and a PIC microcomputer. →Instructions on how to construct the kit

2003. 5. 11
IT Technology exercise site has opened

A web site has opened for IT technology exercise(Making a home security controller using PICNIC)Currently, this includes the explanation of PICNICver.2 kit overview and usage, constructing the kit and confirming its operation, steps for renewing the firmware, and making the peripheral option kit. Contents maybe renewed or altered periodically.

In addition, Question and discussion board (Open XOOPS forum ) has been established. This is a multi thread forum. Please feel free to comment on any thread which is divided according to each chapter.

First, please purchase PICNIC kit (+LCD panel, AC adapter) directly from here and start making the kit and confirm its operation. PICNIC kit can be purchased at Akizuki Denshi.


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